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Old Town Road – SHEET MUSIC Download for Band Instruments!

Download FREE sheet music for your instrument below! More sheet music for all band instruments and tutorials coming soon!

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Star-Spangled Banner Beginner Band Arrangement

I wrote this arrangement of The Star-Spangled Banner a few years ago for my elementary bands. While there are many excellent arrangements available from various music publishers, I felt that there were some specific adjustments that would help my young students be more successful with performing this challenging melody. Some of the ways I tried to address these challenges are: Clarinet parts that offer the option of going above the break (clarinet 1) or staying below the break (clarinet 2), a trumpet 1 part that goes no higher than written third-space C, and aligning the rhythms of the harmonic parts with the melody to help students stay together. With these adjustments, I hope you’ll find this arrangement maintains the integrity of the piece while including some musical interest.

I’m happy to share this arrangement with you for free, simply click to download below. You may make as many copies as you need for your band. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, which in plain English means that you may share and copy this music as much as you like, as long as you credit my original work and do not use the work commercially. ENJOY!

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Easy Holiday Duets FREE Sheet Music Download

12 Days of Holiday Song Tutorials – starting Dec 14 at https://www.youtube.com/drselfridge

My challenge to you this holiday season:  I created these Easy Holiday Duets (download below) so YOU can play a holiday “mini-concert” for your friends and family.   The holidays are my favorite time of year!  At my family Christmas Eve gathering we ALWAYS have music.  Even if it’s just one song, I encourage you to bring out your instrument and bring some musical holiday cheer to your family gathering.  Does anyone else in your family play an instrument?  Download sheet music for them and play a duet!

Leave me a comment on my youtube channel about your holiday concert and let me know how it goes.  Even better, upload a video and tag me so I can see you perform!  Have fun 🙂

[download id=”1133″]

[download id=”1136″]

[download id=”1150″]

[download id=”1153″]

[download id=”1156″]

[download id=”1159″]

[download id=”1162″]

[download id=”1165″]

[download id=”1168″]

[download id=”1171″]

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How to Play a Drum Roll (Parts 1 & 2)

[download id=”1128″]

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Jack Black’s Sax-a-Boom Solo TUTORIAL for Bari Sax

[download id=”1112″]

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Free Download: One Octave Major Scales – All Instruments

It is very important to practice and memorize your major scales in all twelve keys! Get started with this free download – find your instrument below.   Have fun and PRACTICE!

[download id=”1068″]

[download id=”1071″]

[download id=”1074″]

[download id=”1086″]

[download id=”1080″]

[download id=”1083″]

[download id=”1089″]

[download id=”1092″]

[download id=”1095″]

[download id=”1098″]

[download id=”1101″]

[download id=”1104″]

[download id=”1107″]

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Live today! Join in and Ask your Band Questions!

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