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Learn Songs (Clarinet)

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13 comments on “Learn Songs (Clarinet)
  1. Jacob says:

    Hey.I love all the songs that you post for the clarinet and I love trying to play them.Thank you very much! :-))

  2. Madeline Coop says:

    I want to learn SWEET CAROLINE! (again)

  3. mknecht says:

    Hey Steve – the “Learn Songs” page for clarinet apparently isn’t working properly. On both Safari and Google Chrome I just get the heading “Beginner Songs” followed by a line of code

    [catlist name=clarinet+song+beginner orderby=title order=asc]

    instead of the actual list of song videos or list of links or whatever should appear there.

    Likewise under the “All Songs” heading.

  4. Fer says:

    I just started learning the clarinet and the first songs I played were from this page, the Frozen movie ones. Thank you for the good quality content you are making and I look forward to keep learning new songs.
    I’d love to learn some Star Wars clarinet arrangement or any John Williams beginner friendly song 🙂


  5. jenlover2003 says:

    i love playing your songs. i would really love it if you did ‘one call away’, by charlie puth.

  6. Masilia says:

    Thank you for all the songs for clarinet. I never knew I could learn such a confusing instrument so fast. So thanks again for the videos and songs.

  7. lollipop888 says:

    Same here Masila. I didn’t know I could learn Star wars so fast! 🙂

  8. lollipop888 says:

    🙁 SOmetime it can be complicated like Hello

  9. lollipop888 says:

    here Jacob

  10. queen_diva464 says:

    Can you teach how to play 7 years by Lukas Graham. Thanks for all the songs. Now I can play anything on my clarinet instead of the school music. And now all my band classmates always wants me to play all bout that bass, uptown funk, stay with me, watch me, and Adele hello. I really would like to thank you for helping me. And I got and most outstanding clarinet player in the 6th grade band class. Thanks for all your help. P.S. I’m still learning the rest.

    Precious Angel Batiste

  11. bella22 says:

    i want to learn a frozen sog like let it go to for my sisster


    love the web

  12. elvisbist says:

    I found a lesson on how to play “All About That Jazz” on YouTube, at the end you say to go to this website to download the background. I can’t find it, help

    I love this song,

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