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7 Years (Lukas Graham) – FLUTE Tutorial

  Here’s a fun new song to learn on flute! 7 YEARS by Lukas Graham! Look below for the notes and link to the play-along track. **NOTES** INTRO (start on high B-flat) Bb A G F D F D F

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7 Years (Lukas Graham) – Alto Sax Cover

Mr. Selfridge plays a cover of 7 Years by Lukas Graham on ALTO SAX! Watch the tutorial here:

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Pink Panther Tutorial: CLARINET

NOTES Phrase 1 C# D E F C# D E F Bb A D F A Ab—- G F D C D— Phrase 2 C# D E F C# D E F Bb A F A D C#—– Phrase 3

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Greensleeves (What Child is This?) Flute Cover

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Flute Tutorial: How to Play Greensleeves (What Child is This)

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Jingle Bells – Clarinet Easy Tutorial

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Star Wars for CLARINET

Play-Along Notes: PART A C— G F E D C(high) G F E D C(high) G F E F C— G G G (low) C— G F E D C(high) G F E D C(high) G F E F C–

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