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Greensleeves (What Child is This?) Flute Cover

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Flute Tutorial: How to Play Greensleeves (What Child is This)

Posted in Flute, Intermediate, Lesson, Miss France, song

Jingle Bells on FLUTE

Posted in 5-note song, beginner song, Miss France

Jingle Bells for FLUTE – Tutorial

Posted in 5-note song, Beginner, beginner lesson, beginner song, Miss France

FLUTE – See You Again (Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth)

Here are the notes! * indicates the note is played in the upper register (register key) Part A (phrase 1) Bb D F G— F— Bb C C Bb D— ( phrase 2) D F G A G F D

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Uptown Funk! by Mark Ronson (feat. Bruno Mars) on FLUTE

Play-Along Track: Introduction D D G F D G F C D D G F D G F C D D G F D G F C D D G F D G F Part A F F C D

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Stay With Me (Sam Smith) for Flute

Play-Along Track Part A Bb D F G F D— Bb C D Bb Bb— D F G A G F D— Bb Bb C D Bb Bb— Part B Bb D F G A G F D—- F(low) G(low)

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