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Alto Saxophone

Hello Alto Saxophone Friends!  Check out these great videos for learning alto sax.  If you are a beginner, start with our beginner videos, step-by-step.

Beginner Lessons:

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Beginner Songs (First Three Notes):

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Challenge Songs (Songs by Ear):



9 comments on “Alto Saxophone
  1. Srijan Tamang says:

    dear gobando
    please add more song tutorials on the
    alto saxophone and can you show how
    to play the whole song “see you again”

  2. Tangee says:

    Where can I find the complete Alto Sax lessons? I love your teaching

  3. Clarkesax says:

    I am 61, just retired from the field of education, teaching 41 years at the college level. I know talent in the teaching field, Mr. Selfridge you have it.
    I have been teaching myself how to read music and play the alto saxophone since I retired. Your site is a great help. Please add more songs to your site. It makes learning such a great pleasure.

    • sselfridge says:

      Wow, thank you for such a great compliment! I’m sorry I am responding so late, trying to keep up with the comments on this site as well as my youtube channel is quite a task. Thank you for the encouragement, I am working on new videos all the time, but I also teach music full-time at a school. Currently exploring the possibility of devoting myself full-time to my video lessons. Thanks for watching and commenting, I appreciate the feedback from an accomplished teacher!

  4. AltoSaxJason says:

    Great Job!!!! You should make the mario song i cant find any..

  5. miguel maldonado says:

    how can i dawnload soundtracks ???

  6. eebbees says:

    have you removed the links to the lessons!!!

  7. jlee says:

    Hi. Can you post the notes for “all of me” to learn them on the alto sax?
    thank you

  8. srs54 says:

    Hello Mr. Selfridge, big fan of your work. Trying to find the play along track for Mr. Saxobeat.
    can’t seem to find the link… help…

    And do you have any idea on a play along track for Baker Street.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

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